Kundalini Gong Meditation

The playing of the Symphonic Gong is an integral part of the mediation practice of Kundalini yoga. I did a couple photo shoots last week for Mehtab at Yoga Yoga in Austin who teaches workshops and has written a book on the subject.

To quote another source:
The Gong has all the sounds of creation within it. You’ll understand better once you’ve experienced it. A lot like Love, you can only know it by being in it! Because The Gong contains every vibration its sounds literally cancel out your thought waves and allow you to completely relax very deeply and quickly. Since your body is open from the yoga and breath, the mind is overcome and relaxed by the gong. This allows your higher nature, or soul to come to the forefront and that magnifies the intent you’ve set for yourself. Just ask anyone who’s experienced it and they’ll tell you it ‘s the ultimate reset button!

Here’s a sound file that illustrates how the dynamics of this instrument are beyond the digital recording process.



the Gong in Kundalini Yoga meditation

view the set of photos here