Event Photography Portraits

I shoot dozens of events a year, ranging from corporate seminars, academic workshops, weddings and music concerts, and I like to incorporate special techniques when shooting Event Photography Portraits.

Rather than shoot events straight documentarian or photo journalistic style, I approach events with traditional elements of portraiture. I feel this captures the moments of the event with a unique quality you don’t usually see; a quality that that carries a truth that typical point and shoot photography misses.

I achieve this by shooting almost all available light, with minimal flash. This requires knowledge of room color temperature and available light characteristics. I also shoot with portrait lenses such as the canon 135 f 2 lens. This allows low light shooting and achieves a narrow depth of field you can’t get with a zoom lens. It does require a little more planning on where you are shooting in relation to the subject, but for me the results are worth it.

David Dewhurst Texas Lieutenant Governor 2009
University of Texas Population Research Center
Pete Townsend 2007
wedding reception
wavves sxsw 2009